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Today is the big day Anjunabeats fans, Ilan Bluestone and Andrew Bayer’s follow up to the colossal collaboration “Destiny” has arrived coming in the form of the new booming beauty, “Black & Blue.”

While this may be only their second time teaming up when it comes to a production, these to have delivered back-to-back sets on multiple occasions.

Ilan Bluestone had this to say about their newest collaboration, “Every time Bayer and I played ‘Destiny’ live during one of our BayerStone B2B sets, we always commented to each other that we absolutely HAD to write a follow-up. Our idea this time was to create something a little less melodic, and a bit more gritty and grimy. Bayer is a king for writing a filthy bassline, so I sent him a breakdown melody which I already had written, and he loved it. I sent him the stems and we began working through FaceTime. Initially, we had various ideas for the groove before settling for the one we used in the track. The whole track was quick to create over a couple of days. I tested out the new track at a few shows before unveiling it at ASOT950, and I’m really happy with the end result. Hope you guys like it too!”

Stream “Black & Blue” below and enjoy!

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