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Blizzard Lighting has come through in a big way during the ongoing coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic over the past six weeks have been working with hospitals/medical professionals and state/local governments to leverage their considerable expertise in global sourcing to backfill PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) stocks while the demand continues to skyrocket.

Blizzard has purchased more than 300,000 high-quality KN95 masks from an FDA-registered facility and is offering 10-packs of the masks for sale on their website (with volume discounts & free shipping) to the general
public in addition to continuing to seek out additional community partners to help distribute them to the front lines.

The LED lighting company has also partnered with The United Way of Greater Milwaukee, who is set up to quickly receive large numbers of purchased masks–along with 10,000 masks donated by Blizzard–and will be able to distribute them efficiently to medical professionals in need, smaller community organizations, nursing homes, and other places where vital work is being done.

More details about Blizzard’s KN95 mask offerings and their core products can be found at

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