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Now that the health crisis has us all locked down, for the foreseeable future DJ Times will be presenting video interviews with major players from some of the DJ-industry’s most influential companies. This segment: Kevin Waehner of Sennheiser, maker of wireless microphone systems and headphones for club, mobile and studio DJs.

From his Connecticut home, Waehner – Sennheiser’s Commercial Manager of Professional Audio – discusses how his company has responded to the health crisis with a series of initiatives, including the #Don’tStopTheMusic campaign, which has presented streaming sets from top global DJs like Mousse T, Luciano and others, offers some company history as Sennheiser celebrates its 75th anniversary with some unique offerings like “limited-edition” models of the popular HD 25 headphones, and reflects on how this unique time has impacted him professionally and personally.

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