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We’ve all had mobile DJ setups we’ve regretted — you have to start somewhere.

Bad DJ Setups on Facebook was started by DJ Bob Teagarden five years ago, and the group has helped thousands of DJs improve their image and services.

We’ve curated the posts and created Good, Bad & Ugly DJ Setups. Here’s the next in the series.

bad dj setups

Daniel J Plaisance: Yep nobody thinks about the DJ when it comes to placement. They just stick you somewhere and say deal with it. Last time I was right next to the bar. Literally my subs were actually touching the bar.

Vincent Bustos Olave:

1. On his phone long enough for someone to take a picture, he should just open Facebook on his laptop lol

2. Fire exit blocked…I bet the organizer had this spot picked out before they even had the DJ picked out 😂

3. I Hate fold marks on a table cover, that’s my personal thing though haha

4. Speaker in the hallway BUT if you look at there’s not may other options on where to place it (go back to #2)

5. Another personal issue of mine is wrapping cables around poles, it seems like a good idea until you actually do it and then it looks tacky. I run mine straight down and put electrical tape to neaten it up a bit.

Steven Murphy: He needs orange extension cables and some RGB lights under the table skirt.

Shawn Holland Sr.: Bit concerned about the speaker stand near a walkway, especially if it gets dark. I personally think dance lights are important. Psychologically, some people will not dance in a well lit room. And you can’t have it too dark either. Hence wash lighting. But other than that, I have no problems

bad dj setups

Geraldo Dephcon Macias: That frail table holding up all this gear next to a pool has me stressed out.

Paul Malacara: This should be interesting later on when everyone is drunk.

Matt Kavanagh: What kind of turntables were they before arm was removed? I’m thinking this gear is just one bellyflop away from being wrecked.

Steve Sanders: What could go wrong?

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