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No strangers to unloading copious amounts of haze-filled bubbles, the Chauvet DJ Bubble Haze has generated fun and excitement since it was introduced in 2019. Looking to double the bubbles throughout the event industry once again, Chauvet DJ has introduced of the Bubble Haze X2 Q6.

Doubling the effect and volume of its predecessor, the Hurricane Bubble Haze X2 Q6 features six quad-colored (RGB + UV) LEDs that illuminate bubbles, haze or haze-filled bubbles. The new effect features twin blowers with variable-speed loft fans that push bubbles up into the air.

“It’s always amazing to see the reaction Hurricane Bubble Haze gets” said CHAUVET DJ Senior Product Manager Allan Reiss. “This thing really brings out the kid in all of us and we’re really excited to take that excitement to new levels with added LEDs that light up this amazing effect and double the output with twin blowers.”

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