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Wasting no time after unveiling “Somewhere” with Shallou featuring Woven In Hiatus, Slow Magic has teamed up with Manila Killa for “Closer 2 U.”

Considering both producers boast discographies filled with light-hearted tunes, “Closer 2 U” is a striking departure being more of a powerful production fueled by dreamy synth work and beaming vocals.

“I have been following and admiring Manila Killa’s music for a long time. Last year, we met up in LA and clicked collaboratively. I think it is always great to be in the same room and bounce ideas off of each other when collaborating but ‘Closer 2 U’ ended up being the opposite of that. We just sent versions back and forth on email and made it happen. More than ever, it’s important to remember the power of connecting that we have at our fingertips online.” Slow Magic explains. “’Closer 2 U’ represents the difficulties of distance and the importance of connection. I want this EP to encourage and inspire people to reach out to the ones they care about in a time where we are all feeling distant.”

Check out their stunning new collaboration below and keep an eye out for Slow Magic’s Closer 2 U EP which is set to be released August 19th.

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