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Still buzzing after joining forces with Kehlani for “Good Thing,” Zedd is back with his latest single “Funny” alongside Jasmine Thompson!

Coming as Zedd’s first release of 2020, the GRAMMY award-winning talent showcases his production prowess once again with a vibrant gem fueled by Thompson’s angelic offering which comes accompanied with a fun lockdown-oriented video.

Zedd tells Apple Music how “Funny” came to be, “It took quite a long time until I thought it was ready. Jasmine, and Monsters & Strangerz, who are the connecting link between the two of us, they were working on “Funny” and then Monster sent it to me and asked did I want to produce it? And I think at that point Jasmine didn’t even know that I was working on it yet. I’m not even exactly sure when you found out that I was working on it?”

“But I think we went through so many versions I can’t even count. I actually, my manager Dave has a screenshot because I keep sending him all new versions and he has a screenshot of all the versions I’ve made, which is completely ridiculous from four on the floor to … I mean, I’ve tried pretty much everything until I knew that this was the best way the sound could ever be because I tried every other possible thing I could think of and knew that this is perfect, the way the song should be.”

“This is somewhat of a new zone for me, but I feel really comfortable making music in that tempo. And like I said, I used to make a lot more club bangers and just like experimentally more harder stuff, and until I discovered my love for more vocal driven pop music. But still there’s something interesting in it, like from my old world, basically. And yeah, this is a tempo I definitely enjoy a lot making.”

Stream Zedd and Jasmine Thompson’s colorful new single below.

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