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We asked DJs if they’ve been considering closing up shop, with all the damage that’s been done because of the pandemic.

Carlos Felicianos: Sometimes you have no control. In our state, they have shut down gatherings to 10 or less. That will cause a disruption in business if you solely rely on DJing as their primary way of making money. I am in Hawaii, a large wedding destination location and even though you may be totally paid off in equipment, rental storage fees, website fees and other fees will still be coming down with no income coming in.

Bob Kreider: My company had been on the market to sell for two years…..before the virus entered the picture. That being said, it is still for sale. And the good thing is….the business is doing ok despite Covid. And this has been my ONLY sole income full time job for 40 years. Not closing, but walking away is possible. Someone could step in to a 100k a year opportunity.

DJ A Banger: In ILLINOIS here Outside of Chicago, we are open for business. I’m a full time DJ and saved a lot last yea,  just bought new gear for the wedding season, and had three weddings postponed till next year, and was about to start a residency.

Dennis Clark: Here in Western Australia (Perth) we can only have max of 10 people at a wedding… so nothing till November.

Barrymore Scott: I’m in Alberta Canada. Since Covid hit I’ve not done a single gig. 2020 was slated as a banner year, most have moved to 2021. Some canceled. My first gig will be in September. I know 2021 will be busy but I’ll lose most of the work facilitating re-bookings. My resident DJ gig is dead. And I don’t thing that will ever return. I work 4 days a week at my 9-5 and do what I can to make ends meet. It’s had a significant impact. I don’t qualify for any assistance to support the business. So all fixed costs come out of my 9-5. I’m pulling from savings every month and I used to be banking money. I’ve decided to try and hand off the business to someone else. Time will tell.

Timothy Brinson: I’m in Hawaii, but moving to NC in a few months. I had just really got started, found a mentor, invested in myself, I was even heading to Mobile Beat in Vegas, then boom, the pandemic happened! I’m stuck in a crossroad. I guess I’ll see in a few months what direction I will take! Good question and good luck to everyone.

Mike Sanders: Brother it sucks. Nothing we could have done to change it.

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