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We spoke to DJs, both full time and part time, to gauge how they were thinking about their “comeback” in a post-pandemic world.

Jay Roberts:  If I could sell my entire setup I’d do it today.

DJ Paols Rendon: We haven’t closed up, the government has closed us up. Pointless trying to sell gear. Who’s going to buy it?

Electric Entertainment, with DJ EJust need to accommodate clients’ demands and work with the venue (e.g. don’t touch everything).

Henry Richard: Gonna hang tight after the election this all gonna go away

Mark Williams: I have a real job, so the DJ thing is something I don’t really depend on. My gear will sit where it is until I start getting calls, when and if doesn’t really matter to me. Been there and don’t recommend it, even in good times. DJing is not a serious career choice. you took the words right out of my mouth bud, Dave Edwards

Kevin Strack: After more than 20 years.. yup.. this is my last year.

Dave Edwards: In the past if you weren’t a full time DJ, others would look at you like you were an amateur or a bottom feeder. It’s situations like this that makes me appreciate that I can have a day job that pays the bills and a DJ career that fills my need to keep a crowd jumping.

Jarritt Brantley: I’ve been a full time DJ and entertainer for the past 22 yrs. This is the first time that I haven’t drawn a paycheck. I’m 49 yrs old and need to look out for my family. Hard part is that no one is willing to take on a 49 y/o for a new career. I’ve got a lot of experience in almost everything but everyone looks at age. It’s sad.

Craig Shipley: It’s made me realize that I don’t miss it at all. So it’ll just be close friends/family Gigs, and Festivals for me now. Plus I’m in the top bracket for shielding, and the less I can have drunken punters spraying my face with requests the better.

Stephen P. Munger: Not gonna close up shop but there will be a bunch of changes for sure. This is that point in my career where I say to myself “Raise prices and Do Less events per year.” DJing in clubs may not be a wise career choice, but working private events is.

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