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Certainly making his presence felt with a steady barrage of releases throughout 2020, the one and only Carl Cox has taken the time to put his own spin on Kenneth Bager and Jez Phunk’s “Farmacia (Homage to Frankfurt).”

“Kenneth Bager’s ‘Farmacia (Homage to Frankfurt)’ was already a work of art when it came to me. All I could do was paint a picture that I believe would complement the original track. I added in strings and built on the drums and emotion of the track to bring out the best of what was already there. I wanted to turn it into something classic and Techno-ish, but I also wanted it to be the most beautiful thing I could construct out of something that was already beautiful. I hope I did a good job, and I am happy and proud to be a part of this mix,” Carl Cox explains.

Power through the middle of the week with Carl Cox’s take on “Farmacia (Homage to Frankfurt)” below.

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