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While 2020 may be a year we can’t wait to forget, Ben Böhmer has delivered a handful of highlights with one being his legendary performance from a hot air balloon flying over Turkey’s Cappadocia Park to celebrate the release of his single “Cappadocia.”

After dropping his Phases EP about a month again and “Cappadocia” serving as the debut release of Cercle Records, it only seemed right to check in with the German talent to discuss his recent groundbreaking performance, releases and what he has planned for the future!

Check out our recent interview with Ben Böhmer below.

DJ Times: 2020 has been a rollercoaster ride for everyone across the globe; how have you handled this chaotic year so far?

Ben Böhmer: It really has been a strange and unsettling year although I have managed to take a few positives from it. After having played so many shows over the past few years, I didn’t have that much time to focus on music. I have been able to make up for that recently, and i’m currently working on my second album. I also had a lot more time to focus on my Phases EP, the remixes for Lane 8 and Worakls and my Cercle live stream. Another big advantage was being able to spend more time in nature, and spend time with loved ones once the lockdown was lifted.

DJ Times: What’s the most surprising thing you’ve realized during the period of social distancing?

Ben Böhmer: That being on stage, or in the crowd raving is a great body & mind experience which I really miss! One that running in the forest doesn’t quite match up to!

DJ Times: Did you do anything during your time in isolation that was ultimately constructive to your music life/career?

Ben Böhmer: I feel having a structured life with a constant sleeping or eating rhythm, a relaxed mindset as the whole world is standing still, really helped me to focus on my own mind and my own creativity. The music I wrote was all by myself, without the pressure of making anyone else happy. I always wrote music for myself, but after some time there is some kind of pressure to produce a certain vibe or a certain track which fits albums or live-set gaps. I liked the feeling of being completely focussed on what I am doing. It was pure, without knowing where to go. Just music. I’ll definitely try to keep that feeling.

DJ Times: Any advice on staying sane & relatively positive during this uncertain time?

Ben Böhmer: Focus on upsides. Make the best out of it! Meditate, do sport, do something for yourself. It really helped me to stay postive.

DJ Times: You delivered one of the true highlights of the year with your performance on a hot air balloon; how did that all come together?

Ben Böhmer: It came together very last minute. We had been in conversation with Cercle for some time but with the world entering lockdown it all became very uncertain. The balloon was an idea they had been working on for some time, so as soon as it was possible they pressed go and I was lucky enough to be apart of it.

DJ Times: There are plenty of iconic venues and festivals out there. Do you think you’ll ever be able to top a hot air balloon?

Ben Böhmer: It was definitely the craziest thing I did in my life. I guess it will be pretty difficult to top this experience, but there was also one thing missing: The crowd. So I hope there will come more special moments like this with a crowd in front of me.

DJ Times: Speaking of production, what gear and programs do you use?

Ben Böhmer: In my studio I’m working in Ableton Live, with Neumann KH310 and KRK VXT6 speaker, the Moog Sub 37 and a Yamaha CP3000 Keyboard. On stage I’m using a Computer with Ableton Live, the RME Fireface UC, 3x Allen & Heath Xone K2, the Korg Minilogue XD, the Eventide Space Reverb and an Akai Midimix.

DJ Times: You also have a really unique live setup, can you outline that for us?

Ben Böhmer: With the gear I mentioned above I am able to rearrange and recreate my own songs. With this kind of set up I’m able to control each part of the song, I can add something, reduce something, mix several songs together and play with my keys. It allows me to react more in the moment and to create something unique.

DJ Times: How excited are you to have your newly-built studio up and running?

Ben Böhmer: I moved into this studio complex one and a half years ago. But this summer I was able to fully invest in my set up and completely renovate my space. It’s now an amazing place to write music.

DJ Times: You also recently released your “Phases” EP on Anjunadeep. Do you feel that releasing music this year serves as a different meaning with so much chaos in the world?

Ben Böhmer: Definitely! Especially the Phases EP is more dance floor oriented. Releasing music which was made for a big stage, in a time where all stages are shut down is kinda weird, but i hope it gives people nostalgia and hope for the future.

DJ Times: For the Ben Böhmer fans out there, what can they expect from you as we prepare to close out the year?

Ben Böhmer: There will be a new remix for Lane 8 at the end of September, a remix for Worakls which I debuted in my Cercle set, plus some other single releases before I go into the next album in 2021.

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