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We asked DJs around the country what kind of social distancing or mask-wearing they’re seeing at events — and if their pre-event discussions with the client or venue include these topics.

Steve Owen, Some Guys Entertainment, Chicago, Illinois
I’ve had six weddings since July, with 50-75 guests. Indoor and outdoor; barn, private residences and banquet venues. At four of the of the six events, guests showed up in masks, and wore them during the ceremony and early cocktail hour. But by the time intros and dinner rolled around, masks were gone and didn’t come back. And at two of the events none of the guests wore masks at all. Servers have been very observant of the mask rules, while other vendors (photographer, planner, officiant) have varied a lot. I wear my mask the full night, except when I’m on my mic. I have a second mic for toasts that gets a fresh cover and disinfected between each guest.

Nate Clancy,, Virginia
In terms of social distancing or mask-wearing we’re seeing at events, we see about 90%—after that 0%. We discuss issues with venues beforehand, and also with couples beforehand. Although we’ve not tried social distancing-friendly games.

I have a second mic for toasts that gets a fresh cover and disinfected between each guest.– Steve Owen

Austin Arbor, Frozen Tundra Entertainment. Wisconsin
I’m seeing little to none, as far as mask-wearing. I contact the venue prior to discuss any special COVID-related items. During my final meeting with the bride and groom, I discuss if there are any COVID items.

Pail Douche, Doucette DJ Entertainment, Massachusetts
We’ve incorporated couples with trivia and some wedding games, all with virtual answer entries. All requests are taken digitally.

Colm Carroll (comedy)
Unfortunately in Ireland there’s a ban on live music and DJs playing at any venue—because the government thinks we’re all like little kids and can’t control ourselves.

Danny Brewer, Alabama
Most people I’ve seen at weddings have been in the “I don’t care” mode. I’d say less than five of the guests have been wearing masks. Venues are not enforcing any kind of distancing, other than table spacing.

Daniel Turner, Millennial-X Entertainment, Maryland
At three of the four weddings we’ve done recently, the guests were instructed by the venue to leave their masks on when away from their table by the venue. Dancing is allowed but with a mask. Only the older people seemed to follow the directions. At our last wedding my wife, who’s my MC, was instructed to make an announcement several times during the wedding to wear their mask at all times, and to only remove them to eat or drink. They seem to listen more when the rules are repeated, but then again there were those who resisted—especially during dancing.

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