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Already teaming up for a few chart-topping hits, David Guetta and Sia have joined forces once again for “Let’s Love” that serves as the perfect addition to any party playlist.

Sticking to the trend we’ve seen with The Weeknd dominating the airwaves with “Blinding Lights”, “Let’s Love” is a retro-inspired production cut from the cloth of 80’s driven by an anthemic chorus from Sia making for an empowering, feel-good tune that has arrived in a time where it seems the world needs it most.

David Guetta tells Apple Music about How “Let’s Love” came together with Sia, “Well, it was the middle of confinement and I texted Sia and I told her, ‘Look, I feel like a superhero. We need to save the world from this darkness. Let’s make just a simple feel-good record.’ And if I think of feel-good music, I really think of the 80’s because there was just not a shame to go for this big chorus. It’s funny that you told me this, you were not expecting it. You felt it because when we wrote it, we wrote it as a ballad. So it was actually twice as slow. So what I did, I was like, okay, I was trying… When we did it, I texted her this and she was like, ‘Oh yes, I like this idea. I want to do a song that tells us that we need to go through this together and not against each other.’ Because there was so much tension between countries, between communities. And she’s like, ‘Okay, this is cool. I like it.’ And she took my little text message and turned it into a song in 24 hours, as the little genius that she is. And I just sent her some simple chord progression on the piano. And then I had this, I was like, ‘Okay, how am I going to produce this now?’ And instead of making it faster to make it a normal pop song, I made it slower and did double tempo the way you heard it.”

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