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Los Angeles – Give a Beat, a non-profit organization that DJ Times heartily endorses, has launched its “All Hands on the Decks” fundraising and advocacy campaign.

Give a Beat’s mission is to reduce the harmful effects of incarceration through music production, DJing and other education programs that transform individuals and inspire communities to take action. Through music education and mentoring programs in juvenile halls, schools, and its Electronic Music Program, Give a Beat engages the music industry to help widen the pathways for people to thrive, tackle systemic racism, and contribute to the larger criminal justice movement. To learn more, please visit

Give a Beat was awarded a “Reentry Through The Arts” grant from the California Arts Council to pilot its unique “On a New Track” reentry mentoring program in collaboration with Defy Ventures and California Mentoring Partnership. GAB will train eight formerly incarcerated participants from the Defy Ventures community in the art of DJing, music production, and related business and entrepreneurial skills. By connecting previously incarcerated individuals with music business professionals, Give a Beat aims to develop a cycle of change that encourages people to harness their creative talents while engaging members of the electronic music community to educate themselves about bills and legislation.

Looking to raise funds for its pilot “On a New Track” post-incarceration reentry mentoring program and to encourage critical voting in the upcoming election, Give a Beat’s campaign aims to raise awareness about the plethora of barriers people face upon reentry and mobilize communities to support criminal justice reform legislation. Funds raised will allow Give a Beat (GAB) to expand their reentry mentoring program to reach more people and ensure that participants have the resources and support they need to pursue their creative career dreams. The campaign will run until October 10. More info is at

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