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All good things must come to an end and another prime example of that unfortunate truth is ARTY sharing the third and final volume of his collaborative project, From Russia With Love.

Teaming with Russia’s finest producers to deliver three high-octane EPs that have come together to create a twelve-track offering packed to the brim with exhilarating progressive house weapons from some of the scenes freshest faces.

“The entire album started with me and my friends working together in the studio”, ARTY explains. “We messed around with different ideas, had fun and mostly made tracks that made us reminisce about the music that took the dance music scene by force between 2010 and 2012. The coolest part about it is that all of my friends have pretty diverse tastes and different approaches to music-making. Because of that, ‘From Russia With Love’ doesn’t belong to one certain genre. But even though the styles may vary heavily from track to track, there is a silver lining through all of them. And that silver lining is our massive love for club music culture, which is something I really wanted to share with my fans.”

“Another thing that I really wanted to do is to spotlight the producers that I collaborated with”, ARTY continues. “They are my closest friends, and I will never get tired of saying how much talent they have and how awesome it was to work with them on ‘From Russia With Love’. So massive thanks to Nikita a.k.a. NK, Anton a.k.a. Stellz, Vitaly a.k.a. Muvy, Misha a.k.a. Kitone and another Vitaly a.k.a. Vion Konger. This album wouldn’t be possible without you, so I’m very thankful for you and for our friendship. And of course, I’d like to thank my fans for all of the love and support! The ‘From Russia With Love’ chapter is now closed. Time to start a new one!”

Listen to the third and final volume of ARTY’s From Russia With Love project below.

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