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With there being no shortage of talent in the world of electronic dance music, DJ Times has started a monthly series where we will showcase some of the finest up-and-coming artists who we’d like to consider in the on-deck circle because we believe they’re next up! In case you missed it, click here to check out our complete list dating back to our inaugural edition.

(For those who don’t know, the on-deck circle is a baseball term that refers to being next in line to bat.)



Blowing listeners away with his mind-blowing productions unloading a frantic barrage of bass with each and every release, LINK is one name that certainly plays by his own rules. With no genre being off-limits and relentless bass serving as a staple in each of his offerings, LINK is guaranteed to out your speakers to the ultimate test.



Vangar is among the hottest young talents in the trance scene today. Specializing in hard-hitting 140 trance, this Los Angeles native is a skillful crowd-mover most known for her relentless basslines and uplifting synths. If you’re looking for a fresh face in the world of trance to keep an eye on, look no further!

Callum Higby

callum higby

British producer Callum Higby, has grown into his own in the Hard Dance scene. Not limiting himself, Callum has continued to experiment and bridge the gap between genres with each release. Showcasing his production prowess with a few releases on Kayzo’s Welcome Records this past year, the reign of Callum Higby has just begun!



Since launching their Ryuken project back in 2016, the UK-based duo has made their presence felt throughout the electronic dance music scene with their bass-heavy house music. With bone-rattling house continuing to be a fan favorite as we enter 2021, Ryuken is sure to catapult into the spotlight taking advantage of the opportunity.



Beginning his dance music journey at the age of 13, Morelia spends most of his time in the studio working on his craft expanding the realm of his talent from experimental to house sounds. If you’re an avid lover of hard-hitting house primed to ignite club dancefloors across the world, Morelia is one to watch!

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