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Smacked Shop is your premier source for Cannabidiol Vaporizers, CBD Sprays, Capsules and Accessories that allow you to access the full potential of this powerful extract! Our CBD is made from hemp and is non-psychoactive.

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smacked shop vapes

Vaporizing has blasted its way onto the scene as a safer alternative to burning and inhaling the often harmful carcinogens that come with traditional smoking. With the abundant health benefits of Cannabidiol, this is a perfect way to get the medicine you need… fast!

Each vaporizer cartridge is packed with 400mg of CBD Distillate and the Natural Terpene Strawberry Cough strain. You’ll get over 150 puffs of naturally tasting cannabidiol that’s sure to last you a while. If you’re in need of a battery, we’ve got you covered. They are sleek, button-less, and easy to use!


smacked shop sprays

Our selection of high potency Cannabidiol sprays are perfect for someone who wants to take a proactive approach to improve their health and well being. Just a few squirts is all it takes, and you’ll feel the effects of natural CBD in no time. We only use the finest ingredients in our blend, starting with C02 extracted, decarboxylated CBD Oil. This fresh, peppermint-flavored dietary supplement will leave you feeling great!


smacked shop gummies

Smacked Shop’s new CBD gummies are Out of This World delicious! They are a perfect way to get the relaxing, pain-relieving Cannabidiol you need on the go, in a sweet treat.