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After taking to Twitter to share he had ventured into the world of house music production, Carnage looks to take the scene by storm launching his new alias GORDO with his debut release under the name coming in the form of “KTM.”

Being a true bass enthusiast throughout his career, he now enters new territory looking to make a lasting first impression with “KTM” being an exhilarating and relentless house hit fueled by a groovy bassline and hypnotizing vocals.

“There is no question that ‘KTM’ is the one track that defines exactly who I am as an artist in this exact moment in time. This song came together after years of self-discovery through music and being open-minded to new ways of life and inspirations. This is the beginning of the new me,” explains Carnage.

Check out the new chapter of Carnage’s career with his club-ready weapon “KTM” below.

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