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Now that 2021 is underway, DJ Times has officially launched a Twitch channel catering to DJs, producers, and electronic dance music fans!

With Twitch quickly becoming the leading streaming platform throughout the current coronavirus pandemic, America’s first DJ-specific magazine will now be taking the leap into the streaming space looking to bring the pages of the magazine to life.

Similar to what can be found in the pages of the magazine and the DJ Times website, the DJ Times Mag Twitch channel will host artist interviews, DJ mixes, DJ gear and studio software reviews, music production streams, in-depth tutorials and more!

Whether you are a professional or aspiring DJ, electronic music producer or simply an avid lover of electronic dance music and its biggest artists, the DJ Times Mag Twitch channel is simply a must-follow.

To throw our new Twitch page a follow, visit or click here. See you soon!

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