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When it comes to the worlds of progressive and trance, Matt Fax needs no introduction considering his name has become synonymous with the genres since popping onto the scene back in 2012.

Wasting no time making his presence felt in 2021 with the release of three fan-favorite “Atlas,” “Lyra” and “Shuttle,” the French production prodigy has taken the time to share a few facts regarding his career as an artist.

Get to know the facts about Matt Fax!

Fact #1: – He got his start at 14 years old by getting noticed by a techno legend and French icon then signed after only a year producing

“It was not a straight road to become Matt Fax (which is an alias). I released my first track in 2010 as “David R.” on an Italian label called Aenaria Tribal. I was 14 years old and producing only for a year or so. I used to send my stuff to Laurent Garnier on Soundcloud as one of my friends thought some of my songs would interest him. I remember he played a tune of mine on his show and said that if he still had his infamous F Communication label, he’d have signed me. I then shifted to Mike Duz from 2011 and to Matt Fax in 2012. My first Fax release was on Balkan Connection which is a classic Progressive label I had been looking up for years.”

Fact #2: His biggest musical influences are Radiohead and Eminem

“I may produce (and love) Melodic House, I’ve been listening to a lot of different genres throughout my life. I am a huge fan of Radiohead and of Eminem, both acts have been very influential to me and got me through a lot. I’d love to remix some Radiohead.”

Fact #3: – Matt has been relying heavily on Twitch to stay sane and connected over the last year

“I got through lockdowns with the help of Twitch. I was due to go on a huge US tour with Jason Ross last Spring and I had no choice but to cancel, like everyone else. Streaming regularly has helped me to stay in touch with my fans and have some funny moments with them. I have been regularly streaming some DJ sets as well as some production sessions. It’s kept me sane and allowed me to continue exchanging with the great community that follows my music.”

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