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Being one of the many promising producers featured in our On-Deck Circle, the Brooklyn-based Nitepunk is once again changing the traditional expectations when it comes to genre boundaries with a frenzied new tune coming in the form of “Miracle.”

Already considered one of the more forward-thinking talents in the world of electronic dance music when it comes to production, this blossoming breakbeat mastermind showcases his production prowess once again with “Miracle” coming equipped with a complex matrix of fluid arrangements that are guaranteed to leave listeners in awe throughout this high-octane listening experience.

Primed to get your adrenaline pumping shortly after tapping that play button, Nitepunk’s new weapon is a merciless barrage of bass alongside disorienting riffs, blaring vocal play and frenetic percussive hits which is sure to give your speakers the ultimate run for their money.

“So happy I get to release this track on HARD as this label really gives me the freedom to express myself artistically and put out my music as it is without needing to label under a certain category/genre or standards, which I super appreciate,” says Nitepunk.

“I hope people feel this track and have it on repeat or go back when they feel like they need to express themselves or just take it for what it is, dance, or love it or hate it, it’s theirs now.”

See what all the hype surrounding Nitepunk is about by checking out his newest offering “Miracle” below.

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