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After powering through another week, SNSE has unveiled his first release of 2021 with “We Need Love” which is sure to put some serious pep in your step as we head into our beloved weekend.

While the world is battling the ongoing coronavirus pandemic and the damage done during the chaotic past year still fresh on our minds, the LA-based talent teams with Elijah Blake to deliver a high-octane drum’n’bass gem that shares a heartfelt message and is primed to inspire.

Opening the new year with a feel-good tune driven by a blissful vocal offering, SNSE’s newest offering has arrived in a time where the world needed it most and is sure to pump a lethal dose of positivity into your favorite playlist.

“This track was something I felt obligated to make during these intense times we’ve been going through. I just wanted to put some positivity out there and I think Elijah helped do that in an amazing way,” SNSE explains.

Take an exclusive first listen to “We Need Love” and enjoy!

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