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Not even a full week after revealing they would be reuniting after sharing the news of “Taki Taki” going 4x platinum showcasing their platinum plaque, DJ Snake and Selena Gomez look to dominate the airwaves once again with the release of “Selfish Love.”

Primed to be in heavy rotation as we prepare to bid farewell to what was a wild winter and welcome spring, their newest offering is a sultry tune oozing with an infectious aura throughout fueled by Selena Gomez’s lush vocals, playful melodies and soulful sax making for one serious earworm.

Not much of a party anthem but more of an undeniably danceable slow-burner, “Selfish Love” is primed to be the soundtrack of the upcoming summer and beyond.

Take a listen to DJ Snake and Selena Gomez’s “Selfish Love” below.

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