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Ghettotech…it’s rough and raw, as gritty a dancefloor genre as you’ll hear booming out of any set of speakers. And leading the way, as always, is Detroit’s one-and-only, DJ Godfather.

As one of the Motor City’s prime, DJ-driven, musical exports, Ghettotech has its DJs working frantic grooves that soar up to 160 BPM with its MCs leaving absolutely nothing to the imagination.

As genre pioneer DJ Godfather himself says, “It’s the only type of dance-music that requires a DJ to have beat-juggling and scratch skills while keeping the dancefloor.”

Get to know one of Ghettotech’s main men, DJ Godfather, as he discusses this jumpin’ genre, his DJ history, Detroit’s contribution to the game, plus some tips and tricks from the studio and DJ booth.

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