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New Jersey mobile veteran Mike Walter will helm a pair of info-filled sessions at DJX 2021. Walter has made a successful career of booking and working a variety of events and, in doing so, has emerged as one of the DJ industry’s most respected voices. As a performer and businessman, he’s among America’s best. So join Mike Walter of Elite Entertainment at DJ Expo as he breaks it down for you and offers career-enhancing guidance.

dj expo 2021

Get With the Programming
Songs are the ingredients DJs use to throw a great party. Which songs we play and which order we play them in can make or break a party. In this seminar, Mike Walter will offer tons of tips and suggestions to help your music programming and, in the end, raise your event to a new level.

dj expo 2021

Forever Young: Aging Gracefully & Staying Relevant in a Youthful Industry
Let’s face it – you’re not as young as you once were when you got into this DJ game. But that doesn’t mean you can’t survive and still thrive in this competitive industry. If age brings wisdom, tap into it and keep your game sharp! Join Mike Walter of New Jersey’s Elite Entertainment and Todd Powers of Connecticut’s Jock in the Box Entertainment for an hour of tips and inspiration.

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