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After opening the year with his lead single “Orbit”, the UK-born talent Ellis has unveiled his newest electro-tinged gem “The Taste.”

Being a production inspired by the psychological thriller, Requiem For A Dream, his new single is a true earworm fueled by pulsing beats and impeccable instrumental sound design. It is quite clear why he has become a true Monstercat fan favorite.

Ellis shares, “At the time of writing these records (“Orbit” and “The Taste”), I’d recently watched ‘Requiem for a Dream’. I don’t know why but that movie stuck with me for a few days. The whole image and idea of “The Taste” is based off the theme of that movie. The dark side of addiction, in any shape or form, whether it’s alcohol, bad habits, unhealthy eating, anything. It’s about being with someone or a friend that is dragging you down and you want to get out. Their addictions are drawing you in but you know it’s not good for you.”

Check out Ellis’ new single “The Taste” below and enjoy!

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