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For Twitchers on DJ Times’ channel, this week brings a double-dose of goodness. After Tuesday’s trip to London, we return Stateside and connect with a talented DJ/producer from our nation’s capital – the Washington, D.C.-based Saeed Younan.  

Long-known in house and techno circles as a true practitioner of the genres, the Iraq-born Younan has circled the globe, playing in more than 50 countries in a career that’s spanned more than 25 years. He has also been a go-to remixer for a variety of DJ/artists – from Danny Tenaglia to Loco Dice – who sought Younan’s tasty, percussive-based approach. 

But the tribal sound is only one segment that Younan has mastered, as all will see with his upcoming artist album, Morph, which will drop on May 28. With house still its driving force, Morph represents an evolution of sound for Younan as he explores a wider-ranging set of styles – cinematic soundscapes, gospel flourishes, even drum-n-bass rhythms. Additionally, the album features Younan collaborations with prolific vocalist Robert Manos, rising Brazilian musician Jean Bacarreza and innovative hip-hop artist Born I. Big grooves mixed with delectable sounds informed by Younan’s personal journey makes Morph a must-listen for 2021.

Tune in for a quick trip to Washington, D.C., and a visit with one of house music’s top DJ/producers, Saeed Younan.

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