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After making an appearance in our latest edition of On-Deck Circle, LP Giobbi continues to dominate the world of electronic dance music and shows no signs of slowing down after delivering a three-hour set for Insomniac‘s After Hours series.

The Femme House co-founder showcases her artist prowess throughout this 180-minute musical journey equipped with her weapons of choice being Pioneer decks, a piano, synth bass, and drum machine for a set that is sure to garner the attention of anyone who may not yet be familiar with her name. It’s never too late to hop on the bandwagon of his Oregon native folks, but it leaves the station!

In this set listeners will hear the sounds of Rawdio Sunrise’s remix of “Tell Me”, Frigid Armadillo’s “Roam In A Day,” Duke Dumont‘s “Thunder Clap,” Eli Brown‘s “Killer,” Passenger 10’s “Soothing Tension” and many more.

Relive this undeniably infectious After Hours live stream set from LP Giobbi below and enjoy!

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