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Some of us mobile DJs are back doing what we do best — entertaining at parties. Are you?

And if so, what has your experience been like? We asked DJs from around the country and beyond.

Aaron Korman, High Life Event Group, Toronto, Canada
Unfortunately, no in-person gigs by me. Summer of 2020 had opened up a bit here and I was able to get back to some private events and the occasional patio. Overall, frustrating as I’ve seen other places in North America open up to a greater extent to allow for more DJ work. On the contrary, it gave me the opportunity to focus more on my brand, online presence, virtual events and other avenues to keep people entertained.

Dan McEwing, Big Deez DJ Service, Calgary, Alberta
We’re totally locked down again. Nothing happening until at least this summer.

Eddie Shealy, E & S Entertainment. Summerville SC
Had my first wedding since Covid about three weeks ago. Not many people invited but it was great to be DJing again. Neighborhood pool party May 1 for my long-term client. Looking forward to it since all of their events were cancelled last year.

Ronald A. Braham, Memphis, Tennessee
I worked with my boss to build the clientele back to where it was some weekends free, and now he allows for me to wonder off to other clubs for a weekend, or to book weddings and trusts who I find to replace me for a weekend. The biggest thing I find disturbing is watching companies go under that had DJs, but the DJs not using their platform or popularity to help the company from drowning. I had to retire from the business, my back went out, and now there’s a knee replacement in the future. But the equipment will be used shortly.

Hillest Cub, Montreal, Canada
If I consider everything around what we built online and with streamin, i’m not even re-considering going back to DJ at a local bar, twitch has been really good to us DJs and clubs can maybe have proper internet and host DJ performing from home😛

James A Garza, San Antonio, TX.
First gig back was first weekend of the new year. Done a few since but now it’s really starting to pick up. I only have a few opening through the rest of the year and those are filling. Each gig has been a packed house so far. Folks are just ready to party

David Garcia, Austin, TX / DJ Bambú Entertainment
The majority of events scheduled earlier in the year have been postponed. The ones that did take place we small (around 40-60 guests). Things are starting to open up and couples are looking forward to finally partying. Just did a 225 guest wedding this weekend and it felt good 😎

Michael Stretch, Calgary
Not happening here in Calgary. They just closed all venues again

Michael Roberts, DJ MasterMix, Allison, Ontario
Glad to see many guys in the US starting to get back to work. Things in Canada are not the same. I am in Ontario Canada and we have just gone back into a Stay at home lockdown. This is the third one we have had in the last year. I did get in some weddings last year from Aug to Nov but that is it. Don’t expect to do anything again until July – Aug.

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