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Attention electronic dance music producers, RL Grime‘s Sable Valley has launched its inaugural remix competition serving up on the stems of REMANT.exe‘s “Singularity” and Deadcrow‘s “Fallout” & “THERA” on the blossoming music streaming platform, Audius.

The stems are available for download in high-quality 320kb audio where producers can then upload their rendition to the platform for free while tagging the original so that it’s perfectly threaded beneath for maximum visibility.

Sable Valley’s Discord community will then vote upon the remix submissions and semi-finalists will be selected and “co-signed” on Audius.

RL Grime and the Sable Valley team will choose two final winners for an official release on the budding bass powerhouse.

Check out the official remix competition announcement below. Submissions are open until 5/7

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