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After making a lasting first impression with his label debut “Mvinline,” Boys Noize has returned to Defected Records to deliver his newest summer anthem coming in the form of “All I Want” featuring vocals of Scissor Sisters frontman Jake Shears.

Being a tune that has in production for quite some time now, “All I Want” started its life as a basic demo made by Boys Noize and Jake Shears years ago to be played at one of Jake’s infamous NYC apartment parties. Their collaboration would then remain on a broken hard drive until years later when Boys Noize rediscovered the track and decided to give it new life for 2021.

Boys Noize explains, “When I thought about a video for this song, the idea about reversing the lyrics ‘all I want is you’ was the first thought. People obsess so much about their body, their look, their social profiles, their “likes”, and it becomes more important than everything else. I was a fan of Dan Streit’s previous work and focus on unique fringe characters, so I contacted him and presented him the idea for this video, he loved it and took it to the next level. “I love myself, look at me, look at my photos, look, people actually like me!”

Check out Boys Noize’s latest infectious dancefloor-ready gem and its satirical music video below.

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