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The budding melodic bass duo Crystal Skies has returning to Insomniac’s blossoming new Lost In Dreams label to deliver their newest offering “All To You” alongside Fairlane and Micah Martin.

Continuing to impress showcasing their production prowess with another emotionally charged production, “All To You” serves as an electrifying collaboration driven by striking guitar strums and booming bass.

“‘All To You’ is a song about gratitude”, Fairlane shares. “Sometimes in life you’ll meet other individuals who have the power to save you/pull you out of a bad place. We wanted to keep this track centred around the message Micah Martin was trying to deliver, but open it up to an energetic climax in the drop, and I think we accomplished that perfectly.”

Elaborating on his vocal contribution to the track, Micah Martin shares “This song is about how someone can show you a level of love and kindness that changes who you are as a person. Everyone needs someone to hold close and tell them that they’re worth it.”

Check out Crystal Skies and Fairlane’s “All To You” featuring Micah Martin below.

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