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Being one of the hottest names in the world of house music, Bleu Clair looks to make his presence felt with club venues and festivals returning to capacity with the release of his new single “Have Me All” featuring Jelita.

The Indonesian-bred producer showcases his production prowess once again delivering a future-facing house hit that is a perfect soundtrack to a steamy late-night on a dingy dancefloor coming equipped with glistening synth ripples, thumping basslines and an angelic vocal offering from Jelita. This is one sultry club-ready weapon that is quite the earworm for all the right reasons.

“I made ‘Have Me All’ as an instrumental demo at first,” says Bleu Clair. “But later, I thought that my friend Jelita could be a really good singer for this one. So,
we decided to have her on this, and I’m really pleased with how the track came out.”

See what all the hype is about surrounding Bleu Clair by checking out “Have Me All” featuring Jelita below. Enjoy!

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