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Riding one of the wildest hot streaks when it comes to releasing new music, Kayzo has followed up his recent single “Poison” with Paris Shadows looking to light up your speakers unleashing his newest weapon “REPLAY.”

Teaming up with fellow bass enthusiast Whales and Shiah Maisel, “REPLAY” serves as another exhilarating vocal-driven hybrid that fuses the worlds of rock and bone-rattling bass into one. While these types of tunes have become synonymous with Kayzo’s name, his latest offering is quite refreshing delivering an emotional touch to a merciless bass behemoth.

“I’ve always been a supporter of developing artists, as that is how I got my break. So when Whales sent me over a few ideas, ‘REPLAY’ was the one I gravitated to immediately. It has this melody that formed into this rocktronic pop-punk song perfect for summer. Shiah absolutely killed this vocal too. So excited to release this right as things are opening up and get back to playing live for fans!” Kayzo explains.

Feel the fury of Kayzo’s “REPLAY” with Whales and Shiah Maisel below…..if you think you can handle it!

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