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Arriving in the heart of the summer, NGHTMRE looks to dominate the airwaves once again connecting with Yung Pinch for a vocal-driven gem coming in the form of “Scars.”

While being a household name when it comes to the world of bass music, we’ve seen him venture into the realm of hip-hop quite often and he now adds to his arsenal with a melodic piece of production that is both festival-friendly and radio-ready.

“I’ve been making a good bit of Hip Hop recently but nothing too melodic! I was excited to try my hand in some cool melodic Hip Hop vibes. Yung Pinch did such a great job with the vocal and I tried to keep the vibe going for the drop/hook. I hope everyone loves this as much as we do!! It’s already been stuck in my head for months,” says NGHTMRE.

Yung Pinch adds, “This song has been in heavy rotation for me ever since we recorded it. Excited for the world to hear and enjoy it. NGHTMRE absolutely killed the production, it was great to work with him!”

Welcome the new week with this emotive bass single from NGHTMRE and Yung Pinch below.

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