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After months of anticipation, HARD Summer is just days away from invading California’s NOS Events Center with TYNAN being the latest to deliver a mixtape to help get festivalgoers ready of another funfilled weekend under the sun and we’re bringing it to you first!

Being a true bass phenom since first popping onto the scene, he’s continued to evolve with each and every release not afraid break down the traditional boundaries when it comes to genres with no genre being off-limits when it comes to productions. For all those who may be unfamiliar with his name, this mixtape is a prime example of what TYNAN is all about.

Boasting a robust discography of hard-hitting tunes, this exhilarating mix features a boatload of his own weapons such as his recent collaboration “Earthquake” with Marshmello, his recent single “Draw From The Void” in addition to showcasing the sounds of Papa Khan, Zomboy & MUST DIE!, Voltra, Leotrix and many more!

Turn the volume all the way up and get ready for HARD Summer weekend with TYNAN’s mixtape below. Enjoy!

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