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Adding to his legacy, Kaskade recently paid a visit to Los Angeles’ new $5 billion SoFi Stadium being the first concert to take place post-COVID-19 quarantine mandates and 18 months of stay-at-home orders making for a historic night which can easily be considered one of the biggest of his career.

Taking place on July 17th, the electronic dance music icon delivered a two-hour set to a sold-out crowd showcasing the sounds of this lengthy discography playing times fan-favorites such as “Atmosphere,” “Room For Happiness” with Skylar Grey, “Disarm You” and many more. If you’re an avid fan of Kaskade, this was one set you need to hear!

For all those who weren’t lucky enough to catch the show out in Los Angeles, Youtuber VictorVisits was able to catch the set in its entirety in 4k HD for all the world to enjoy.

Stream Kaskade’s full set from Los Angeles’ SoFi Stadium below.

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