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Now with festivals back in full swing, Fisher’s Catch & Release label looks to dominate the circuit throughout the remainder of 2021 with the release of Vintage Culture, Fancy Inc and Roland Clark‘s new single, “Free.”

Coming together as a high-octane tech-house hit with a soulful touch, it comes as no surprise that is has been a staple in the label boss’ most recent sets and certainly shows no signs of dropping from the arsenal anytime soon.

Speaking about the new single, Vintage Culture says “I had a vision about being back on the road, about bringing and living the joy of our parties again, the music and the union celebration all around it. I started working on it together with Fancy Inc.” He goes on, “That has become a message written by me and Roland Clark: a new track and theme of this so desired back to the dancefloors. It is with so much love that I present you with ‘FREE’. Let’s get together again. See you all!”

Roland Clark adds, “‘Free’ was a very liberating tune to write. It gave me hope that there were brighter days on the horizon. Also being able to collaborate with Lukas was a treasure.”

For Fancy Inc, this was an exciting return to making tech-house music:

“The creative process for ‘Free’ was a lot of fun, considering that we haven’t produced such a tech house sound since 2018. We were fresh and ready for this project. Roland Clark’s vocal was the icing on the cake, approaching this theme that is so pertinent to all of us – The return of normality and life as we knew it!”

Check out this blistering collaboration from Vintage Culture, Fancy Inc, and Roland Clark below. Enjoy!

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