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Continuing to share singles off of their highly anticipated sophomore album Love // Chaos, Adventure Club has unvieled their newest offering teaming up with Nurko and Dayseeker for their anthemic collaboration, “Colorblind.”

Still buzzing off the release of “Safe With Me” with Soar featuring Luma, “Colorblind” pays homage to the Canadian duo’s earlier productions delivering a booming melodic bass beauty alongside emotionally charged vocal offering.

“One of our favorite dream collaborations to date. We absolutely love everything Nurko has been releasing, pushing melodic bass boundaries. Dayseeker is currently one of our favorite bands, so we’re completely honored to have Rory contribute his incredible vocals,” Adventure Club explains.

Nurko adds, “I’m so excited about ‘Color Blind.’ Adventure Club are absolute legends in the scene and a big inspiration for me so working with them is a dream come true. Dayseeker’s voice is absolutely incredible so I wanted to make sure it was used as a lead in the drops. ‘Color Blind’ is about a person that you love, and even though things may get bad, and you see red flags, you are blind to them and continue to focus on the good, hoping the negativity eventually gets better.”

“‘Color Blind’ is about an old flame that I was once really attached to. I wrote about how you can see red flags and just completely ignore them when you’re seeing all these other things to love about a person,” said Dayseeker.

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