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After delivering a steady barrage of singles throughout the spring, Covex closes out the summer with the release of his highly-anticipated debut album coming in the form of his 9-track A Change of Perspective.

The Colorado native has made a name for himself with his elegant and uplifting style of production with his debut album being a culmination of his evolution as a producer and a person.

“This album is a message to myself. No matter how hard things may seem, it’s important to remember there’s always a different perspective. It’s a reminder to think more positively; don’t dwell on the things you don’t have control over. Experience more life, build beautiful friendships, love with all your heart, forgive and forget, laugh more, see the beauty in everything and everyone, make mistakes, love yourself…Please, love yourself. I found what I was looking for in this album, I hope you can too,” Covex explains.

Check out Covex’s complete track breakdown of his A Change of Perspective album below.


When I was thinking about playing my own headline shows, I wanted a really epic, ambient, opening song for my sets. This was the song that came from that mood. I remember dancing around my studio when I was making this and pretending to walk on stage haha. This was also the first song that I started for this album and set the tone for the songs following.

Lucky Ones (ft. Olivia Ray)

I made this and many of the other songs off this album during quarantine. I was really inspired by Tourist, Louis The Child, and Mura Masa when I was writing this song. I was in a really good and positive headspace, it’s hard for me to write happy stuff when I’m not feeling 100%. I love the feeling this song gives me, it’s like I’m laying in a bright green field looking up at a blue sky. It’s a bit of a different arrangement than I’m used to but it was a really fun challenge doing something out of my comfort zone.

To Be Alone

I remember being really inspired by this newer garage sound coming out of more pop electronic artists like The 1975 and Mura Masa. I started the beat and used almost every instrument in my studio I could find which included a glockenspiel, shaker, claves, as well as singing in the bridge of this song. I wanted this one to have more of a soul sound to it, which is what I was trying to do with the melody in the bridge. The lyrics were inspired by thinking about how it felt to be afraid of love after a relationship I had.


I was feeling kind of frustrated with where my life was, it felt like nothing was happening for me and there were moments of writing this album that made me rethink the reasons I was creating music in the first place. ‘Regret’ came from those feelings of inadequacy in myself.

Younger (with MOONZz)

This song, similar to ‘Lucky Ones’, just makes me feel really good. I wrote the full verse and first drop in one night and edited just those two sections for like 2 months until I decided it was time to add a huge second drop, that’s what made the song come together. It’s an honor to have MOONZz on this one, I’ve been following her for a long time so it was really cool to have her on this album, I think her voice fit really well. Younger is really just a sweet song about being youthful and living life to the fullest.

Fallin’ Back

I remember listening to the first two singles Bronson put out, “Heart Attack” and “Vaults,” and feeling so inspired by the baselines and tight percussion. That same night I started writing Fallin’ Back. It’s one of the darker songs off the album, I wrote it in the perspective of someone that’s been in a cycle of toxic relationships they can’t seem to get out. No matter the person, they always fall for the one that’s going to hurt them.

Negative Space (with Eldar Zey)

For this one, I asked my friend Eldar to collaborate with me and make a sound design heavy intermission piece. ‘Negative Space’ is the break the album needs after the darkness of ‘Fallin’ Back’ into the beauty of ‘A Change of Perspective.’ It’s hard to make a song like this “perfect” because there’s not really something we could compare it to. It all just came from the feeling we got while turning knobs on synths and looking at each other until we mutually agreed we had something great.

A Change of Perspective

“This is the most personal song for me on this album. I feel like I’m locked into a trance every time I listen to it still. It has a ton of different influences, all from Mura Masa, Above & Beyond, and Tourist. It started from me wanting to write something that would just clear my head when I needed it. I don’t want to go into too much meaning of the song but this is how the album got its name ‘A Change of Perspective.’”

For The Love

“I was digging through some footage my mom sent me from when I was a little kid. I was playing around on the piano while my mom was asking me “do you want to be a famous rockstar?” I kept repeating “No…” and I said “I’ll build a rocket ship later.” Just watching that tape made me realize that being a kid was so easy. You had the wildest dreams and had no idea what you would actually become in life. This album was a lot of fun while simultaneously the hardest thing I’ve ever done. It made me realize that as long as I remembered to create for the love and for fun, this music thing is all worth it. I was so caught up with trying to perfect every little detail on this album that it started to feel like work. I lost the feeling I had when I was a kid producing music in my moms basement and that’s exactly what I needed to finish the album. As soon as I got that back, my life improved drastically.”

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