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Still buzzing off the release of his recent collaboration “Amani” with AC Slater, Bleu Clair has reunited with Jargen for “Amani.”

Continuing to prove to be one of the most promising producers in the electronic dance music scene, the Jakarta-bred talent has connected with his longtime friend and fellow local to cook up yet another impressive club-focused record which is fueled by ritualistic chanting alongside pulsating basslines.

“Dani (Jargen) and I go long way back,” says Bleu Clair. “We’ve known each other for eight years and I was from always amazed by how well he produced music. A couple of months ago, he sent me a WIP with basses and drums only, and, at that time, I was working on a demo with an African vocal sample. It instantly crossed my mind that it would be a great to combine our ideas into one track. I worked on the track for a while, and we both agreed this should be a collaboration. We did a collab together back in 2019 and now I’m very excited to release another one with him this September.”

Stream Bleu Clair and Jargen’s “Amani” below.

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