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There has certainly been no shortage of fresh talent popping up in the electronic music space with one of the freshest faces in techno looking to close out 2021 strong with Lupa making her mau5trap debut with the release of her new single, “For The Ride.”

Even with only a handful of releases in her discography, it is clear she continues to evolve with each and every release while inviting listeners to the darkest corner of techno in the process.

Her latest offering, “For The Ride,” is primed to make a lasting first impression on the mau5trap faithful (deadmau5‘s beloved horde) with the San Francisco Bay Area native unleashing her fury with a brooding piece of production fueled a flurry of menacing 808s and captivating vocal samples through making for an exhilarating listening experience from start to finish.

“The goal with all my music is to create a journey for the listener,” says Lupa on her new single. “’For the Ride’ is no exception. The aesthetics of the song are loosely inspired by 90’s racing games, and I imagine the song played alongside an epic chase through a futuristic city. The majority of ‘For the Ride’ was written over the course of about four hours. I was working a summer job at night and taking classes during the day, so my time spent on music was limited. I came up with the rough melody while working and later that night when I got off, I remember running to my apartment to start the song.”

Get introduced to one of the most promising names in electronic dance music by checking out Lupa’s new “For The Ride” below and enjoy!

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