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Arriving just in time for her return to Red Rocks for the latest edition of “Rezz Rocks,” Rezz has added to the excitement announcing the release of her fourth album spiral in addition to unveiling her new collaboration with Deathpact, “Chemical Bond.”

Serving as the lead single off her upcoming album, her reunion with the mysterious talent is yet another haunting piece of production fueled by blasting bass that will leave listeners in awe being fueled by striking synth stabs and dastardly kicks radiating a chilling aura throughout.

This is one mind-bending tune that when paired up with her usual visual productions during her live sets, the third collaboration between these menacing masterminds is going to quickly rise the ranks of fan favorites throughout the remainder of 2021 and beyond!

Rezz says, “My 4th album ‘spiral’ will showcase an evolved version of my music while also maintaining a very hypnotic sound which originally captivated my audience.”

Check out Rezz and Deathpact’s bone-rattling new offering “Chemical Bond” below. As for her new album spiral, that is set to be released this fall. Enjoy!

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