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For the last several years at DJX, digital-marketing maven Jordan St. Jacques of Canada’s Digitera has shared some of his very valuable secrets to DJs looking to up their game – and, since then, seminar attendees have reached new levels for their businesses. This year, he’s back, but with a slightly new approach.

At DJX ’22, St. Jacques will again reveal his digital-marketing solutions, but this time they’ll be aimed at specific sectors of the market. So, if you’re a mobile DJ looking to book more business, but with a more targeted approach, we have a group of career-enriching sessions just for you.

DJX will present four seminars from St. Jacques – one each day of the show – and he’ll get a little help from his friends and fellow thought leaders like Ross Akselrad of Philly’s Pulse Entertainment, Ken Cosco of Boston’s A Touch of Class DJs and Derek Panell of Rhode Island’s New England Proms. From booking mitzvahs to getting on preferred-vendor lists, from scoring school parties to promoting teen-club nights, St. Jacques and company will offer the very latest solutions to solve these markets.

Join us for these exclusive sessions at DJX ’22:

Mitzvah Marketing: Digital Solutions & More

Monday August 8, 2022

As one of the most profitable, yet elusive sectors of the mobile-entertainment world, bar/bat mitzvahs are highly desirable gigs for DJs all over the continent. However, booking these events can be a challenge – so how’s it done? DJX presenters Jordan St. Jacques (Ottawa’s Disc Jockey Marketing) and Ross Akselrad (Philly’s Pulse Entertainment) have the answers.

With their hard-hitting, hour-long seminar, they’ll outline how to position yourself digitally for mitzvah-specific customers (selling to both the parent and the child), and then how reach out to make the sale. Finally, they’ll teach you how to perform this very specialized event. From sales to performance, this session will set you straight on the mitzvah market

The Holy Grail: How to Land on Preferred-Vendor Lists

Tuesday August 9, 2022

If there’s a Holy Grail of the mobile-entertainment industry, it’s being put on a venue’s Preferred-Vendor List. The problem is… every other mobile jock knows this and the competition to get on these lists is intense. So, how do you gain an edge to compete for these spots? How do you win? DJX presents a panel with trio of pros – tech evangelist/moderator Jordan St. Jacques (Canada’s Digitera), plus mobile entrepreneurs Ross Akselrad (Philly’s Pulse Entertainment), and Ken Cosco (Boston’s A Touch of Class DJs) – who’ll show you the way.

Learn how to: set up your digitals so you project professionalism to anyone looking you up online; properly approach venues to get on those valuable lists; maximize referral commissions; and service the venue clients in a manner that impresses both the client and venue. As a bonus, we’ll offer recommendations on how to deal with overzealous venues when they try to “push the envelope too hard.” Get listed and advance.

School Daze: Prom Marketing & Beyond

Wednesday August 10, 2022

Marketing to schools is perhaps THE hardest sales challenge within the mobile-entertainment industry. Even in 2022, reaching the cloistered decision-makers in the “walled gardens” at schools can be incredibly difficult, especially in an age where digital privacy is so important. So, how to get in? Join us, as Jordan St. Jacques of Canada’s Digitera, along with Ross Akselrad (Philly’s Pulse Entertainment) and Derek Panell (Rhode Island’s New England Proms), present you the keys to the schoolhouse door.

In this knowledge-filled hour, they’ll explain how to configure your digital funnel for school committees, how to go over the latest trends in cutting through the “walled gardens,” and finally, how to make the sale. Bonus Info: They’ll divulge methods for convincing schools to spend a proper fee on the DJ contract, demonstrate prom performance tips and reveal where to source song lists. Be true to your school – and profit.

Teen-Night: Promotions for Club & Mobile DJs

Thursday August 11, 2022

‌In 2004, Jordan St. Jacques of Canada’s Digitera launched FX, a teen-clubnight brand that eventually became the largest such company in the world. After promoting and producing teen-night events in over 25 cities in the U.S. and Canada, St. Jacques became an expert on the market, and now he’s ready to share his secrets with you.

Join Jordan as he explains how to launch such a brand and how to use it to complement your existing DJ business. He’ll show you how to add revenue on “dark nights,” how to run a successful promotion, how to protect yourself with specific insurance, how to increase your attendance via digital marketing and, finally, how to brand your company so that you’re well-positioned to book more prom, homecoming, and college business.

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