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By Con Carney

As you begin your Expo journey (or if you’re viewing from afar), this year’s cast of talented DJ business owners appearing at seminars will not disappoint, for nowhere else does such an esteemed collection of experience gather.

One such person is DJ Mike Kindlick, owner Jam on Sound Productions in Reading, Pa. He’ll speak on a topic that seems to return to the Expo every couple of years—by popular demand. Kindlick’s “The Power of The Upgrade” will guide attendees through the labyrinth that upselling has become in the tight economy.

Kindlick says the key to upsells is “daring to be different.” His seminar will be structured as follows:

Intro: Deciding How To Be Different

Branding yourself and your company

* How do you obtain the “WOW” factor

* What do you like and what will make event better?

* What is missing from an event that will make it better?

* Multi vs. Single-Op

* Go over pros and cons

* Many upgrades, having help is nice.

Survey Your Market

* What are others doing, not doing.

* OK to do something similar, just make it your own. Make yourself stand out by being different.

* Follow the “K.I.S.S.” rule. Great ideas and upgrades that are simple, yet interesting will sell themselves.

* Don’t copy—create!

Cost Analysis

* Determine your price, what will earn you more revenue, without overpricing your market.

* What works for one, may not work for another.

* Nothing ventured, nothing gained

* No stupid ideas, just ideas that either work or do not.

* Don’t Try, Just Do!

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