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Turn Your World Around (Single)
Turn Your World Around (Club Mix)
Turn Your World Around (Disco String Mix)
Turn Your World Around (Disco String Club Mix)
Turn Your World Around (Dark Intensity Remix)
Turn Your World Around (Cristian Poow Extended Mix)
Turn Your World Around (Cristian Poow Remix)

With over 80 #1’s across the US and UK, the production duo of Marc JB and Lee Dagger known as, Bimbo Jones, have been dropping hit records for over 20 years. For the duo’s latest single they’ve collaborated with the Grammy-winning legendary soul and R&B singer, Thelma Houston to deliver, “Turn Your World Around”.


“Turn Your World Around” has been a few years in the making from the production team. Originally written in London with the help of Sharon Woolf (of “Sweet Like Chocolate” fame) who provides backing vocals, the track was developed into a monster house track with the addition of Thelma Houston’s vocals. Bimbo Jones’ nostalgic disco-house production perfectly complements Houston’s energetic vocal performance, creating a dance anthem that feels both vintage and modern at the same time.

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