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No matter the genre, producers each have their own way of engineering new music and now Steve Brian has taken the time to share a few of his essential tips when it comes to production.

Fresh off the release of his captivating new August Nights EP, the Trance talent has revealed a number of his favorite production tips to assist anyone out there looking to hone their craft.

Check out Brian Shares’s five essential tips below.

1) If you want to create a huge/wide chord progression you can layer different saw synths and play with panning or add stereo plugins and to give the chord group the final polish you should add a saturator to

2) The equalizer is your best friend – use it wise, less is more, you don’t need to add too much frequencies to a bass, lead or drums group etc… – it’s better to figure out which frequencies are overlapping and reduce them.

3) It is almost always the case that you have to erase unnecessary frequencies in all seperate tracks while hearing your mix. For example you don’t need to keep the low freqs in Synths, Chords or Leads like the Basslines or Kickdrum needs. This would make your mix muddy

4) Layering sounds is a good choice for Claps/Snares, Arps, Leads, Chords, Basslines. You can use it for every section

5) A 48db Highpass or Brickwall around 20Hz and 40Hz (depends which Kickdrum/Bassline sounds you’re using) could be helpful in the master channel strip

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