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Pittsburgh-based Jessica McKelvey (DJ Jess) spoke recently at DJ Expo (DJX) about Instagram.

She began: “So why should we as DJs use Instagram as a sales tool? W, ell let’s get one thing straight: Instagram should not be a sales pitch, not at all. Think about it as a handshake that invites your followers in to who you are and what you’re about, while gently exposing them to the services that you offer.”

One attendee asked about whether a website or Instagram was better. DJ Jess replied:

“Here’s the reason why Instagram is better than your website: Are you updating your website weekly to reflect the events that you’ve done? Probably not, right? On Instagram, you can continuously upload events videos, things that have just happened so that you can show clients the experience that you just put on for somebody. You can show them the results.

“Another reason why Instagram is better than a website is because clients are hanging out there, they know how to use it already. It’s kind of like if you’re cooking breakfast at your house, versus cooking breakfast at your friend’s house — you’ve never cooked there before.”

“So if I’m making pancakes at my house, I go to grab the oil so they don’t stick, and I just grab it, because I know where it is, and then I dump it in the pan. Then the pancakes start to bubble, OK, time to flip them, and I know where the spatula is so I reach over to my broken kitchen door because I pulled it out too hard too many times, and I grab the spatula and flip them over — boom, I’m done.

“Now I’m in my friend’s house cooking pancakes: Okay, where’s the cooking oil? I have to stop to ask that. Oh, it’s here. Okay, thanks. To get the spatula, I don’t know where it is so it takes me a minute to get. So their house is like the website. My house is like Instagram — your clients know how to work Instagram, they know where to go for things. Whereas on your website, it takes a little bit longer, and that’s not horrible, but why not use a platform that they already know how to work?”

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