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For many of us, running a small DJ business can be challenging. We’re still dealing with a pandemic, our clients are postponing or cancelling altogether, and finding time to market our businesses so we stand out and find new clients is not an easy task.

We all use Facebook and many of us use other social channels like Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Tik Tok, etc.

But what about LinkedIn? Is it a good idea to create a profile on this website to build more business or create additional networking connections? Here are some great reasons why the answer to that is YES!

1. Make Your Presence Known
Whether you are a small business owner or a freelancer, your profile is just the beginning of making your presence known on LinkedIn. It is a place for you to share your personal credentials and work history, to be a part of larger conversations taking place within our industry, and to privately connect with other professionals.

2. Join Small Business or Entrepreneur Groups
Take your participation on LinkedIn to the next level by joining a small business or entrepreneur group. These types of groups can function as highly conversational, collaborative forums for people with shared interests and similar professional backgrounds to connect. When you join one, you become a part of something bigger than just your own individual brand. It not only helps you build community but it also gives you some exposure to new and better ideas from other people working through similar problems as you might be having.

3. Shared Content
If there was one rule for using LinkedIn, it is “Don’t be a lurker.” Contribute to conversations you see on LinkedIn from other members and by joining comment threads or tagging relevant connections to weigh in with their perspectives. When everyone shares content with each other on how to grow their businesses, everyone wins and you’ll be happy you are learning new strategies.

4. Grow Your Network Connections
Growing your network connections on LinkedIn is an incredibly easy way to get more eyeballs on your company and generate more leads. When it comes to LinkedIn, the more network connections you have the better.

By understanding how to use LinkedIn to your benefit, you can effectively market to your potential customers and increase sales. Today, everyone is on LinkedIn. Job candidates, possible clients, existing customers, competitors and so many others are active and able to see your company’s every move. Use this platform to express your brand voice and image, and to show the world that you are a great company to work for and an even better company to work with. Don’t just remain stale — get creative.

Joshua Volpe owns Kalifornia Entertainment in Rochester, N.Y.

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