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After his two-night run in downtown Los Angeles, Eric Prydz’s two-and-a-half-hour Factory 93 set has been uploaded to Youtube!

Uploaded by spiritofblizzard, the world can now enjoy the awe-inspiring audio and visual experience from the comfort of their own home for all those who weren’t able to make it out to Los Angeles or one who are looking to relive the musical journey.

Throughout this set, Prydz showcased the sounds of his many aliases such are dropping Pryda‘s “Illusions,” Cirez D‘s “The Raid,” ToNjA Holma’s “All Night,” Eric Prydz’s “Every Day” and many, many more!

Turn those speakers (or headphones) all the way up and check out Eric Prydz’s full set from Factory 93 below. Enjoy!

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